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About Me

I've lived in the Ravensdale and Hobart areas for 35 years.  I am a licensed General Contractor, licensed specialty electrician and plumber for water system maintenance and a state certified water distribution manager/ treatment plant/ cross connection control specialist to handle day to day operations of a single family water supply or a public municipal system. 
I can work 6 days a week, but I try to keep Sunday for something other than work.

Typically we have two or more employees at any one time, so we can handle more than one job at a time, and get to yours' much quicker. We keep all of our work 'in house', instead of hiring sub contractors.

When you call you get my answering machine or me. No frills here. No office staff to answer the phone.  Email is definitely a better way to contact me, as I check it every morning while in the office, and get back to you then. I typically charge for time and materials, but can quote you a price if you would rather work that way. I can give you a general idea about what the job will cost, but I cannot guarantee the final price. I want to be fair to you and me.

I prefer that you shop for and pick up windows, doors, paint, flooring, shelving, etc. or at least purchase it and have it held at will call for me to pick up. This will save you from having to pay me to do the shopping!

What can we help you with?

  Put in a new deck,       Install, repair, or      Install or refinish         Install or replace
repair, stain, refinish      replace a fence        hardwood floors            your cabinets
  your existing deck       

      Put in a new          Framing, additions      Upgrade or install            New locks
   rockery or stone        new construction             electrical                  and hardware

Home Maintenance Solutions LLC                                               Let's get started today!
Ron Ziesing, Owner                                                      206-369-3173
General Contractor's License #HOMEMMS934K1        

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