Home Maintenance Solutions, LLC
Handyman services and much more!

Services Offered

I'm a general contractor and all around very handy man, so I can do most anything.  We also keep a plumber on staff, as well as a carpenter.

Here's a short list of services:

Appliance repairs or replacement
Deck repairs, cleaning, staining
Electrical repairs
Gutter and roof cleaning and repair
Home and safety inspections
Laminate and hardwood flooring installation
Lawn and yard maintenance
Locksmith service
Painting, interior and exterior
Plumbing repairs, fixture replacement
Pressure washing
Septic tank location and covering
Shelving and storage solutions
Window and door replacement or repair
Wall and floor damage/ dry rot repair
Water heater repair or replacement
Water quality testing

Pump maintenance/ well controls/ filtration cleaning/ back flush/ pressure tank calibration (when did you last check the air pressure in your pneumatic bladder tank?) out of water/ lack of pressure.

What can we help you with?
Don't see your project or repair listed here?
Call me at 206-369-3173. If I can't fix it,
I know who can!

Home Maintenance Solutions LLC                                                     Let's get started today!
Ron Ziesing, Owner                                                           206-369-3173
General Contractor's License #HOMEMMS934K1               

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